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Daring Business Strategies is a premier Bible-based consulting and coaching firm. You will achieve personal and professional growth using our effective tools and transformational processes. We offer niche consulting, coaching, and speaking services to for-profits and non-profits seeking to honor God in their organizations. We apply biblical principles in the development of corporate strategy and SWOT analysis.

Our bold, principle-based wisdom will help you
Reset, Redefine and Realign your current business practices with proven methods of success.

  • Consulting  Strategic Planning & Business Planning
  • Coaching  Personal Coaching & Business Coaching
  • Speaking  Motivational Seminars & Workshops

Honor God First... Success Will Follow
Is God truly blessing you in business? The Bible teaches that God owns the wealth of mines and the cattle on a thousand hills. He owns the hills, too. We are only temporary stewards of His property, capital and resources. We are to wisely use these tools to further His purposes and serve others.

Our comprehensive and affordable solutions will greatly enhance your venture... the right way. In short, you get "divine" results from
our Fortune 500 quality tools on a small business budget!